About us

From website agency to marketing agency:

Uwejja! started off building all sorts of sites ranging from single pagers to online stores (e-commerce) before expanding to a marketing agency.

As the demand for sites increased, so did the need for our team & other services.

Clients would ask:

“Do you guys handle marketing?”

“Could you also design a company logo for us?”

“Can you help get my site to the top of Google?” 

Our answer?  Yes – to all the above! 

We took this as an opportunity to beef up our services and make client’s lives a little easier.

Our team now offers all sorts of services ranging from marketing & SEO to apps and Google ads. All under one roof – saving clients the headache of having to outsource each service individually.

Why Choose Uwejja!?

Our team has worked in all sorts of industries – from real estate and finance to retail and sports – giving us the experience of dealing with different people, scenarios and sectors.

With that said, we’re constantly kept on our toes, pushing ourselves to reach new creative boundaries to give clients a unique marketing experience.

All under one marketing agency – Uwejja!

We’re passionate about our work and have created a culture where we enjoy what we do – which translates into the relationships we build with clients and the work which we deliver.

Looking for a marketing agency in Malta?

Drop us a line on hello@uwejja.com to begin your Uwejja! experience.

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