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App design
& development

Aside from designing and developing websites, we also handle Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Mobile Applications.

Haven't you heard?

At Uwejja, we believe Apps are the future. Many services around the world are now being offered online – sometimes exclusively. First we had websites. Now we’ve got apps too. The two go hand-in-hand nowadays.


We can design and develop an application specific to your company. Looking to sell your products online? Want to give clients the option of booking appointments with the push of a button? The sky really is the limit.


How can Mobile Apps help your company?

Good question. They can help in any of the following ways:
Customer loyalty: Communicate directly with your customers through custom promotions, push notifications, in-app purchases and more – directly to their phone”
Increase sales: Giving customers another option from where to use your services adds another avenue for profit.
Increase brand awareness:  An app gives you the opportunity to create unique features for your clients to adore! In-app promotions through your app will help keep clients (both current and potential ones) interested and improve the likelihood of them making use of your services.


Keep them happy and positive reviews will make their way around the country!


The list of benefits goes on and on!

Uwejja! Drop us a line if you’d like to find out how we can help you achieve your goals through mobile or web applications.

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