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Website design
and development

At Uwejja! we design and develop optimised websites for all sorts of industries.

Most potential clients nowadays begin their search into your company through search engines such as Google.

If your website is either lacking or non-existent, chances of a sale will decrease…dramatically!

Where does Uwejja! come in?

  1. We’ll setup a meeting to discuss your goals and preferences.
  2. The Uwejja! team will work on a mockup design based on your feedback.
  3. Next step: presenting the draft design.
  4. Once we have your go-ahead, we’ll begin developing your site.
  5. Step 5: presenting the final version of your website. During this stage you’ll get the opportunity to suggest any last changes.
  6. That’s it! You’re all set for the world to marvel at your brand new website.

How can I tell whether I need a new website?

Here are a few signs to lookout for: 
  1. Your website isn’t mobile optimised: Most users nowadays choose mobile phones as their preferred device. This means if your site is difficult to navigate or looks a mess on mobile, chances are potential clients will see what your rivals have to offer instead.
  2. Your bounce rate is high:  Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter a site and then exit rather than continuing to browse other pages on the site. 
  3. Minor website edits are no longer worth it: Ever find yourself constantly sending edits to your web developer? This is not only expensive but may also be avoiding the inevitable. It may be time for a brand new website!

Our sites are all mobile optimised, follow proper SEO practises and will meet the overall feel of your company.

Looking for website design and development in Malta? Uwejja?!

Drop us a line on hello@uwejja.com or check out our other services here.

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